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Artem was founded in Adelaide by two passionate watch enthusiasts who wanted to create a premium aftermarket sailcloth watch strap for luxury watches. Their research and passion for watches led them to create a product loved by fellow watch enthusiasts who valued their attention to detail. ​

Services Provided:

Brand Identity Consulting

UX - User Persona Research

E-commerce Website Design

A Word from Artem:

We engaged Ferdinando to make a website for our online retail business. Whilst we had done our homework to see what other website designers are doing, no one had really been convincing, until we met Ferdinando.

From his very first meeting he instilled confidence and gave us ideas on how we could best achieve our e-commerce goals. Working with Ferdinando has been an absolute pleasure. His customer service is beyond words, making himself available at all odd hours of the day (and night) to suit our needs.

He also has an uncanny ability to be able to predict problems that the client might face and always had a solution ready to our problems. His price was unbeatable, delivery on time and quality of work and customer service was without equal.

Ferdinando is the kind of perfectionist that businesses can only dream of hiring as an employee and never let go off. We cannot recommend him enough and will definitely be using his services in the future.

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Planning Stage:

Brand Identity Consulting - The Big Picture

Artem's branding elements were already designed. Logos, packaging, colours, type, and shapes were all set. Yet, Artem was missing the big picture. With extensive meetings, moodboards, and discussions Artem was able to state what made their brand unique and competitive. On top of this, identifying a clear user for their website became a priority

UX Research - Who?

The final aspect of planning was to specify an user for Artem's website. In great deatail, we fleshed out the details of this person and created a website tailored to the way they think, interact, and behave online and offline.


After the planning stage was complete, Shopify was selected as a platform to start to create Artem’s online store. Shopify is a proven solution for online stores all around the world with fast, secure and easy to maintain stores.
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